2019 Budget Deliberations


The 2019 property tax increase of 4.40% is a result of a 3.79% increase for civic services, and a 0.61% increase for Police Services approved by Council during their deliberations on November 26 and 27, 2018.
2019 Operating and Capital Budget Totals:
• $1.13 billion: Total 2019 Capital and Operating Budget (including Utilities, Operating & Capital)
o $511.01 million: Total Operating Budget (excluding Utilities)
o $362.06 million: Total Utility Operating Budget
o $259.83 million: Total Capital Budget (including Utilities)
2019 Business Plan Options: Investment Highlights:
• Additional $350,000 for Building Better Parks Asset Management Phase-in
• Additional $200,000 for the Recreation and Parks Facilities Game Plan
• Additional $200,000 invested in Snow and Ice Service Level enhancements
• $150,000 (including 1.0 FTE) to allow work on developing a low emissions community implementation plan aimed at lowering carbon emissions
• $100,000 allocated to fund Meewasin Valley Authority
• Building Better Bridges: $300,000 invested to maintain condition of bridges and overpasses
• Building Better Transit: $200,000 invested for Transit fleet replacements
• Urban Forestry and Pest Management Reserve: $150,000
• Sidewalk Maintenance Service Level enhancement: $100,000
• Winter City Grant Program: $25,000 to maintain dedicated programming
• Total additional investment in Active Transportation Plan Phase-In and Master Plan: $125,000
• IT Project Management Continuous Improvement Initiatives: $125,000
• Invested $120,000 in two dedicated Performance Improvement Coordinator positions tasked with creating process improvements and finding further efficiencies through the City’s corporate transformation planned for 2019.
2019 Budget Highlights by the Numbers:
• 0%: Approved increase in Saskatoon Light & Power rates
• 6.45%: Property tax increase for Saskatoon Public Library (compared to 0% last year)
• 9.25%: Increase in water rates
• $5.00: Increase for a single adult monthly recreation pass
• $94.6 million: Approved for Saskatoon Police Service (up $4.1 million from 2018)
• $5.9 million: Approved budget for Remai Modern Art Gallery (up $456,000 from 2018)
• $43.3 million: Approved Saskatoon Transit budget (up $2.1 million from 2018)
• $71 million: Approved amount to invest in land development
• 62: Approximate number of new full-time positions (including Saskatoon Public Library)
• 20.6%: Share of City’s 2019 Budget allocated to Saskatoon Police Service
• 6.6%: Share of 2019 Operating Budget dedicated to servicing debt
For a homeowner with a property assessment value of $371,000, the municipal portion of the 4.40% increase equates to $6.63 per month or $79.52 for the year.

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