30 Day Waste Challenge

"Did you know 58% of residential waste, and 40% of multi-unit garbage, is made up of food and yard waste? The lack of oxygen in our landfill means organics break down slowly and they produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide."

Our home participates in quite a few types of composting. Our compost story for #yxetalkstrash this week includes grasscycling, vermicompost, green bin and backyard composting.



Try grasscycling. Use a mulch attachment on your mower to leave the grass clippings on your lawn. This will provide nutrients to your soil, keeping your lawn green, lush and healthy. And don’t forget to use your dried leaves as mulch in your flowerbeds and vegetable garden, or add to your compost bin.



Try indoor composting such as vermicompostng or bokashi. Learn more with resources such as workshops (https://www.facebook.com/pg/SaskatoonCompostCoaches/events/), home visits (https://www.saskatoon.ca/services-residents/waste-recycling/composting), or the compost hotline at 306-931-3249or [email protected]


Green bin

Green cart and yard food waste bins will be available for 2018 in January:https://www.saskatoon.ca/services-residents/waste-recycling/yard-food-waste/green-cart-yard-food-waste

Lots of yard waste? Take your leaves, grass, branches (non-elm), and other garden waste to one of the City's compost depots. (https://www.saskatoon.ca/services-residents/waste-recycling/yard-food-waste/compost-depots)

Sign up to participate in the 30 day waste challenge here: www.saskatoon.ca/wastediversion

Here’s how you can participate if you’re new to composting: 

• Take the ‘What's your Composting Style' Quiz. Find out what kind of backyard or indoor compost method(s) will work best for you. http://swrc.ca/quiz/
• Start composting at home, indoors or out! You can even receive a $20 rebate on your purchase of a compost bin! Find out more at www.saskatoon.ca/homecomposting
• Boost your composting knowledge. Sign up for a FREE compost home visit to have a trained volunteer come by your home to answer your composting questions, help you solve any challenges you're facing, or guide you through the process of starting a new home composting system. Sign up by contacting the compost hotline at 306-931-3249 or [email protected].