30 days & 1,300 doors

What an incredible first thirty days of doorknocking!

Thirty days and 1,300 doors later I have had the opportunity to chat with folks in Briarwood, East College Park and Greystone Heights. Some of the hot topics we have been chatting about include aging infrastructure (e.g. roads and parks), accountability in spending, the Meewasin Valley Authority, safety and transit. I would like to thank those residents who've spent time expressing their concerns and ideas for Saskatoon so that together we can continue strengthening this city that we love.

By currently living in the ward and having been here for nearly three decades, I am able to accurately represent the residents of Brevoort Park, Briarwood, Brighton, College Park, East College Park, Greystone Heights and Holmwood. It has been humbling to meet families in the ward who have far surpassed my three decades. I met a few couples one evening in East College Park who have been in their home for 43 years! 

If you have not seen me yet at the doorstep, you will soon. We are almost 8 weeks away from the municipal election on October 26 and I am eager to meet the remainder of our ward. In the meantime, if there is anything you would like to chat about, please feel free to reach out here.

Here are some photo highlights:

Support_in_Briarwood.jpeg  Doorknocking_and_photobombs.jpeg  Doorknocking_with_furry_friends.jpeg  Meet_and_greet_Greystone_Heights_Park.jpg

 Photo's 1, 2, 3 and 4 (left to right)

 Photo 1: Supporters Heather, Mary and Katie in Briarwood 

Photo 2: Nat and I being photobombed by neighbourhood resident, Graham

Photo 3: Doorknocking is fun with great (and furry) friends

Photo 4: Community meet and greet at Greystone Heights Park

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