Acadia Drive Resurfacing


Beginning on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 road resurfacing work will begin on Acadia Drive. The work is anticipated to take 6 days to complete, barring weather delays and unforeseen circumstances. The work has been coordinated in phases in order to minimize disruptions to the area, see attached construction notice and detour maps for additional information.

A map of the phasing can be found here or below. 


The construction notice with more details is available here. Specific information on phasing can be found below:

  • Phase 1: (Sept. 3) From 14th Street East to north of McGill Street (includes 14th Street East intersection) (Phase 1-1);
  • Phase 2: (Sept. 4 – 5) From north of McGill Street to ½ Acadia Place intersection (Phase 2-1 and Phase 2-2);
  • Phase 3: (Sept. 6) From ½ Acadia Place intersection to the back-lane between Dalhousie Crescent/Simon Fraser Crescent (Phase 3-1 and Phase 3-2);
  • Phase 4: (Sept. 7) From the back-lane between Dalhousie Crescent/Simon Fraser Cres. to Acadia Court (east entrance) (Phase 4-1 and Phase 4-2);
  • Phase 5: (Sept. 8) From Acadia Court (East entrance) to McKercher Drive.

Contact the Customer Care Centre for any questions at 306.975.2476 or [email protected]