City Council in Brief - July 2021


In brief, this post highlights two items of public interest that were discussed during the July 2021 City Council meeting.

Highlights include:

  • Guidelines for scattering cremated remains into the river.
  • Enactment of the Drainage Bylaw

Other items that were discussed during the meeting include:

The full agenda for July 26, 2021 can be accessed here.

Please note that in line with the City of Saskatoon’s request for citizens to assist with controlling the spread of COVID-19 we encourage you to email a letter at providing comments or requesting to speak as an alternative to attending the meeting. This meeting of City Council took place through teleconference and was recorded, as per any other City Council meeting.

Furthermore, Internet Explorer will no longer work to view agendas. Please use another internet browser.   

Scattering of Cremated Remains into the River

The scattering of cremated remains into a body of water, such as the South Saskatchewan River, is an important cultural tradition for members of the community. As the scattering of cremated remains within Saskatoon was neither prohibited nor expressly permitted by the City of Saskatoon, we have developed guidelines for this type of event.

The Release of Cremated Remains Guidelines include the following:

  1. Scattering is permitted only along the South Saskatchewan River from May 1 to October 31.
  2. Scattering on closed waterways, such as storm retention ponds, is not permitted.
  3. Entering the river is at one’s own risk and is not condoned by the City.
  4. Only biodegradable vessels and ceremonial items (i.e. real flowers) are to be used.
  5. Remains must be completely pulverized and no bone fragments or remnants recognizable as human remains may be visible.
  6. Scattering within 200 metres upstream of a water intake is not permitted.
  7. Scattering must not be close to high public activity areas.
  8. Permanent forms of memorialization must be completed through a Cemetery.
  9. A statement that persons are responsible for complying with all applicable federal or provincial requirements.

These guidelines will be drafted and posted on the City’s website in the next one to two months, with additional consultation beginning to discuss the possibility of a permanent site. 

The Drainage Bylaw

This bylaw implements City Council’s decision to adopt a new drainage bylaw. The drainage regulation project establishes a more comprehensive regulatory framework, including this new bylaw, for the purpose of better achieving lot grading compliance.

Updates to the Drainage Bylaw include:

  • regulations on new drainage plan review and inspection procedures
  • regulations on adherence to Lot Grading Plans and maintenance of surface drainage systems
  • regulation of downspout and sump pump discharge locations

For additional information on the engagement that took place, please visit the Engage Page. Further information on Lot Drainage can be found here.