City Council in Brief - June Edition | 2019


In brief, here are three items of public interest that were discussed during the June 2019 City Council meeting. The full agenda can be accessed here

Enterprise Resource Planning Project (Fusion)

The Administration is in the final stages of completing an extensive procurement process for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The Request for Proposals (RFP) evaluation process is nearing completion, and the Administration has determined that the entire scope of work can be achieved for slightly less than the original estimate. The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the project and seek approval of the final budget allocation. 

The Deloitte ERP business case defined the original scope to include the foundational core systems within a typical modern ERP implementation. The areas include:

  • Financial Systems: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Budgeting;
  • Human Resources Systems: Time & Attendance, Learning Management, Onboarding & Recruiting, Performance Management, Goals & Succession
    Planning, and Employee Health & Safety;
  • Supply Chain Management Systems: Procurement and Inventory Management; and
  • Operational Systems: Asset Management, Project & Activity Management, and Work Order Management.

Upon approval of the funding and signing of the agreements, the project is expected to formally begin in September 2019 and will consist of two phases. The full ERP is expected to be place within a three-year timeline.

Arbutus Properties – Future Sustainable Community Project Update

On April 8, 2019 Arbutus Properties presented a concept for Solair Neighbourhood project to the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services. At that time, Committee shared the report with a few parties (Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth, the RM of Corman Park and the Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee). Additionally, a recommendation was sent to City Council that the Solair Neighbourhood project be included in the Holmwood Suburban Development Area. This was the topic of discussion during the June City Council meeting.

Ultimately City Council voted that the Solair Neighbourhood project be included into the Holmwood Suburban Development Area, at such time as the Sector Plan is being updated and amended. This means that the Solair Neighbourhood project will be considered in normal sequence for neighbourhood development and will not supersede or "leapfrog" other neighbourhood developments. 

I supported the recommendation to consider the potential neighbourhood within normal sequence, for the following reasons:

  • Much of this land is not within City boundaries. It would preemptive to develop this neighbourhood, especially in light of the planning principles set out in the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) plan.
  • The Official Community Plan (OCP), which guides neighbourhood development, calls for a Sector Plan to be approved first, followed by Concept Plans according to the phasing laid out in the Sector Plan. The Holmwood Sector Plan does not include most of the Solair parcels, and as such would need to be amended first in order to follow the OCP principles. It would still be some time before the Holmwood Sector would be amended, as this is a process that takes a couple years, and a few sector's have been slated for work first. The OCP ensures smart and sustainable growth in the city.
  • Servicing a neighbourhood out of sequence in the Growth Plan would be quite costly. The OCP lays out neighbourhood growth in a logical pattern (preventing leapfrogging). This allows servicing (such as water and wastewater) to be planned in an efficient manner and does not install substantial infrastructure in an interim state (e.g. temporary infrastructure being laid across an empty neighbourhood for thirty years). 

Currently the Cities Act and Planning and Development Act does not provide tools for enforcement of sustainability principles, as laid out in the Solair Neighbourhood project. Supporting these principles is important, and as such Council approved a resolution for Administration to report back regarding additional tools to expand incentives, legislation, and regulation for environmentally sustainable features of new neighbourhood development.  

Update - Saskatoon Public Library, New Central Library

The Saskatoon Public Library (SPL) has been evolving their business case for a new Central Library and has been working to identify suitable locations. A short list of potential sites has been identified based on defined criteria, and they are now looking to proceed to next steps. The SPL has asked the Administration to assist in the process by securing a legal interest in any of the preferred sites that are privately held.

The SPL is expected to have sufficient funds in its own reserves to purchase the property without borrowing and is able to pursue land purchase at the direction of their Board of Directors. In the interest of working with the City and recognizing the City’s expertise in this area, SPL has asked the Administration to attempt to obtain a legal interest for the SPL in any sites that are privately-owned.

More information about the update can be found here as agenda item 10.9.1 on pages 366 - 367. For more information on the New Central Library, please visit