Council in Brief - May Update


In brief, here are four items of public interest that were discussed during the May 2019 City Council meeting. The full agenda can be accessed here

72 hour On-street Parking Limit

City Council approved Bylaw No. 9572, The Traffic Amendment Bylaw, 2019 that increases the city-wide on-street parking limit from 36 hours to 72 hours, except as otherwise indicated by a sign or provided for in the bylaw.

This Amendment does not change the requirements for recreational vehicles or parking restrictions for street maintenance.  Recreational vehicles will continue to have a 36-hour restriction and then must not park on a city street for at least 48 hours.

Parking restrictions for street maintenance will continue to be marked with signs posted 36 hours in advance of street sweeping, construction, snow clearing and other similar activities. 

For more information on Parking in Saskatoon, please visit

Right-of-Way Residential Boulevard Leases

A lengthy discussion took place at City Council in regards to right-of-way residential boulevard leases in regards to six properties in the City who have or had leases with the City. While all three motions on the floor were defeated, the outcome of City Council's decision is to return to status quo for dealing with right-of-way infringements on a case-by-case basis. These would be spurred through a bylaw complaint. There was one property that is being allowed to purchase the right-of-way due to its heritage value. 

Furthermore, City Council voted that Council Policy C07-016, Lease of City Boulevards be updated to indicate residential leases are no longer offered. The leases used to be on city-owned land and will no longer be offered. Items such as fences and/or sheds that encroach into the public right-of-way and that may pose safety concerns, impede mobility, or impact civic operations, will continue to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. 

Social and Indigenous Procurement Update

The report received by City Council provided an update regarding social and Indigenous procurement engagement activities, and the inclusion of Indigenous procurement evaluation criteria in the City of Saskatoon’s best value procurements. As part of the procurement review, implementation of a new purchasing policy aimed at best value procurement, the Administration conducted an Indigenous Procurement Workshop. More information about the Social and Indigenous Procurement Update can be found in the public agenda as item 8.2.2. or at the following link:

Flood Control Strategy Update

In expansion of the December 2018 Flood Control Strategy report, development of a regulation-sized soccer field at Aden Bowman Collegiate is planned rather than incorporating it with the dry storm water pond at W.W. Ashley District Park. This will provide improved recreational, safety, and aesthetic benefits for the neighbourhood. Community engagement in spring 2019 will provide feedback on the design for the dry pond in W.W. Ashley District Park, with construction to begin in 2020.

The Government of Canada is contributing $21.6 million to the Flood Control Strategy through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaption Fund. The nine-year project's total cost is $54 million, for 10 areas prone to isolated flooding currently impacting close to 300 properties. 

More information about the update can be found here as agenda item 8.3.3.