January 2022 Newsletter


Happy belated New Year and upcoming Lunar New Year!

I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy some winter activities. I know our household has made up of the cross country ski trails in the city. Take a look at the ones that are groomed at saskatoon.ca/ski. Recently cleared trails in Ward 8 include Wildwood Golf Course,  Edward McCourt Park and Donna Birkmaier Park.

In this month's newsletter, you will find an update on Monday's City Council meeting, engagement activities underway and general civic updates.



City Council Meeting: January 31, 2022

Here are a few items of interest on the agenda:

  • Comprehensive COVID-19 Update;
  • City of Saskatoon 2022 - 2025 Strategic Plan ;
  • Request for Additional Floor Space Emergency Residential Shelter- 145 1st Avenue North;
  • Discussions on investing in a new White Buffalo Youth Lodge/City Centre Recreation Facility;
  • River Landing's Hoist the Hoops update; and
  • Leave of Absence Policy for Members of City Council.

The full agenda for the regular and public hearing meetings can be found in the attached hyperlinks.

Comprehensive COVID-19 Update

In September 2021, City Council passed a Framework to Mitigate the Transmission of COVID-19 in the community. This framework was used to determine the level of risk in our community and what measures would be recommended by the City of Saskatoon to reduce further transmission. The framework was based around publicly reported data and consultation with the local health experts, including the Medical Health Officers. This information has been reported weekly. 

At Monday's meeting, there is a recommendation to no longer use the framework but rather continue consultation with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and local Medical Health Officers around the need for any changes to COVID-19 protocols for the City of Saskatoon. The main reasons for discontinuing use of the framework include:

  • With changes to COVID-19 testing requirements and recommendations, the data used to populate the framework is now impacted. This includes the 7-day average of weekly cases, the test positivity rate, and the 7-day reproduction rate. This change fundamentally affects the foundational elements of the framework.  
  • The framework was developed in response to the rapid transmission and health services impact of the Delta variant. The Omicron variant has differences from the
    Delta variant, some of which would be difficult to translate into a data framework with publicly available data.
  • As each new variant emerges the framework would require fundamental adjustments based on the transmission and health impact of the new variant. Ultimately a new framework would need to be created with each subsequent variant of concern.

For these reasons, the recommendation to City Council is to repeal the Framework and continue to comply with all Government of Saskatchewan Public Health Measures and regularly consult with the Saskatchewan Health Authority local Medical Health Officers on COVID-19 transmission mitigation measure.

The City of Saskatoon would still look to aggregate remaining public information pertaining to the City of Saskatoon and share this on our website.

City of Saskatoon 2022 - 2025 Strategic Plan

The new 2022-2025 Strategic Plan has been developed over the last year, and is now complete. It builds on the Saskatoon Speaks community vision document and important strategic planning work performed over the past ten years at the City. Input into the Strategic Plan was supported by City Council, Administration and residents.

Feedback from residents and staff were presented to Committee in November and have since been included in the final document. For a summary of changes, please take a look at this appendix.

The Strategic Plan is a guiding document that sets the strategic direction and priorities for the City of Saskatoon over the next four years. Along with the Official Community Plan and the Multi-Year Business Plan and Budget, the Strategic Plan ensures City programs and services continue to address the community’s changing needs while keeping within the City’s financial means.

The Strategic Plan does not cover all the important work that the City does. It speaks only to the changes and improvements that the City plans to make over a period to ensure that Saskatoon remains one of the best cities to live, work, learn, and play.

The report can be found here.

How to share feedback ahead of the meeting

Contact me directly

Do not hesitate to reach out to share feedback ahead of our meeting. You can contact me any point in the month. Contact information is available here.

Send a letter to City Council

This avenue allows you to send a letter (or request to speak) to items on the agenda. This needs to be submitted before 10:00 AM on Monday, January 31 as it forms part of the supplementary agenda. Find more information on how to make the request here.



  • Jump on the call anytime to chat with me and other neighbours
    • February 23, 2022  |  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM **
    • March 24, 2022  |  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Where: Hosted via ZOOM

The Zoom link will be posted online ahead of the event.

** Please note the change in time

What's happening in Ward 8!

Here are some other great things happening in Ward 8 soon or put on by members of our community.

  • Curious about our snow clearing level of service? Our Roadways team has put together this short video and FAQ answering a lot of common questions. View it here.
  • A Comprehensive Review of Neighbourhood Level Infill is underway. A summary of the proposed recommendations can be found here. The review looks at Category 1 and 2 neighbourhoods, which in this case includes one Ward 8 neighbourhood (Greystone). 
  • An online meeting is being held for College Corridor Open Space. The meeting will be held on February 9, 2022 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Find more details about the event and how to RSVP here.
  • A rezoning application has been put forward for lands adjacent to Brighton Gate and Chelsom Bend in the Brighton neighbourhood. Additional details about the application are available here.
  • The Saskatoon Public Library is opening up the last round of public consultation for the New Central Library on the Schematic Design. The survey will remain open until Friday, February 11 at 5:00pm. 
  • Keep up to date with City engagement events by visiting saskatoon.ca/engage.

Sarina Gersher
- Ward 8 Councillor