Snow removal - In response to 2020 winter storm


Neighbourhood snow removal gets underway ❄️❄️

The City started removing snow from residential streets on Dec. 2 in response to the severe snow accumulation in November that left many residential streets impassable.

Since the snow accumulation is presenting safety and mobility challenges in all neighbourhoods, the order in which crews visit neighbourhoods is being determined at random and then balanced by ward to ensure progress is taking place equally across the city.

Residents will know when crews are coming to their neighbourhood when they see ‘No Parking’ signs go up along their street. The goal is to have these installed about 24 hours before the start of work. Similar to street sweeping, residents will need to move their vehicle off the street in advance of snow operations or their vehicle will be towed. This is to give equipment room to operate as well as to ensure the best result.
As new information becomes available it will be posted at The current schedule for Ward 8 neighbourhoods is as follows:
▶️Starting between Dec 7 and Jan 5:
➡️East College Park
➡️Greystone Heights

▶️Starting between Jan 6 and Jan 19:
➡️College Park

▶️Starting between Jan 20 and Jan 31:

The below schedule indicates the date range for when removal work will begin in each neighbourhood. It’s difficult to indicate the exact dates given this work is affected by weather conditions, the amount of vehicle towing required, the variance in snow accumulation by street, and other unforeseen circumstances. More information is available here:

This neighbourhood clean-up is in response to the severe snow accumulation in November that left many residential streets impassable for several days. Neighbourhood snow management is not part of our city's standard operations. Existing levels of service for winter maintenance will apply to future snow events. In neighbourhoods, this means City snow crews are sent to local roads when ice rutting impedes mobility (reaches 6” in depth).