Speed Limit Review - Technical Report and Survey Results


In March, the Committee received the project roadmap for the speed limit review for residential areas. The roadmap outlined the action items, the engagement plan, and the project schedule for completing the review. The review includes assessing lowering the speed limit in residential areas from 50 km/h to 40 km/h or 30 km/h, changes to the speed limit in school zones, and consideration of establishing playground zones, and zones for areas with a high number of seniors. The scope of the review includes streets with residences on them.

Public Engagement

14,970 people participated in the City’s online survey, which was open to all residents; with another 414 people invited to complete a third-party telephone or online survey striving for representation of people from all age groups and areas of the city.

  • The majority (65%) of open survey respondents prefer the speed limit to stay the same on all streets, whereas about half (52%) of third-party survey respondents prefer a speed limit lower than 50 km/h on local streets.
  • The majority of both respondent groups prefer no change to speed limits for collector and arterial streets.
  • The majority of third third-party survey respondents and about a third of open survey respondents are concerned or very concerned about the speed of the vehicles in their neighbourhoods.
  • Of those who support a speed reduction on local streets, 40 km/h is the more preferred speed compared to 30 km/h.

Collision Statistics

Between 2015 and 2019, there have been a total of 38,049 collisions, resulting in 27 deaths, and 217 severe injuries in motor vehicle collisions on city streets:

  • 37% of collisions occurred on streets with adjacent residential land uses.
  • 37% of collision resulting in fatalities and 35% of collisions resulting in severe injuries occurred on streets with adjacent residential land uses.

No recommendations will be presented on June 7, and no decisions of City Council are requested at this stage. The Administration is planning to present a report with recommendations on residential speed limits to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation in August.

View the full report and attachments as part of the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation June 7, 2021 Agenda item 7.1.6.