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  • Foxtail Barley Enforcement 2021


    At the September 2020 City Council meeting, I worked with Councillor Jeffries on a motion that reads as follows:

    That Administration report back with a strategy for a coordinated foxtail response in the upcoming growing season. This may include working with land developers, lot owners, Parks Division, Community Standards Division, and the Fire Department to ensure that the many sources of foxtail can be dealt with proactively in 2021.

    We received a report back in March 2021 outlining the Administrations plan to enforce Foxtail Barley proactively for the 2021 season. Due to time constraints in March, the report was only considered by the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services in April. This blog post provides an update of the measures proposed.

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  • City Council in Brief - December 2020

  • Successful construction season with an ambitious list of projects now complete

    An annual $61 million budget for road rehabilitation and maintenance ensures Saskatoon’s streets, bridges and sidewalks remain safe and long-lasting. 


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  • Snow removal - In response to 2020 winter storm


    Neighbourhood snow removal gets underway ❄️❄️

    The City started removing snow from residential streets on Dec. 2 in response to the severe snow accumulation in November that left many residential streets impassable.

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  • City Council in Brief - November 2020

  • City Council in Brief - August Edition | 2020

  • City Council in Brief - June Edition | 2020

  • 2020-2022 Projected Asset Preservation Plan

    The 2020-2022 Projected Asset Preservation Plan is now available. It includes the asset preservation projects projected for the next three years on our roadway and sidewalk assets, water and sewer assets, as well as our bridges and structures assets. Roadway and Sidewalk asset preservation management is a process of monitoring, maintaining, and preserving our roads and sidewalks effectively throughout their lifecycle. The goal is to employ effective decision making to optimize a cost effective mix of treatments, to maximize the number of roads and sidewalks treated to improve the networks as a whole.


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  • 8th St E Water Main Replacement


    The 8th Street East Water Main Replacement Project begins June 1, 2020 and will include the replacement of water mains, restoration of roadways and the rehabilitation of sidewalks.


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  • Council in Brief - April Edition | 2020