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  • Speed Limit Review Survey


    Have you heard about discussions regarding speed limits in residential neighbourhoods? Perfect, we want to hear from you!

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  • Brighton Concept Plan Amendment

  • City Council in Brief - January 2021

  • Council in Brief - May Edition | 2020

  • Youth Climate Action Forum

    As a City Council Strategic Priority Event, Councillors Sarina Gersher and Mairin Loewen hosted a Youth Climate Action Forum for grade 8 to 12 students on October 30, 2019. Over 140 students participated in the event.

    This event looked to build capacity for youth to engage on climate issues in Saskatoon. Youth bring important voices and energy to climate change conversations and actions, but are often missing in the more formal decision-making processes.

    Teachers and students were invited to apply to attend a half-day session to learn about what Saskatoon is doing to address climate change. There were discussions on the content of the plans, the processes available for youth and the public to have their voices heard, and networking among the youth. The intent was for youth to come away from the event understanding better what the City is doing, connected to what other community and student groups are working on, and feeling empowered and knowledgeable about how they can get involved in the climate decisions affecting their city.

    A summary document was compiled of what we heard. This document is available for download here, and summarizes the events of the day, the feedback received and how the goals of the event were successfully met. 

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  • City Council in Brief - October Edition | 2019

  • Municipal Boundary Recommendations



    Ward 8 residents, please note that the new municipal ward boundaries (starting November 9, 2020) have been established. The changes specific to Ward 8 have Brevoort Park moving to Ward 6, and Wildwood coming from Ward 9 to Ward 8. As such, the Ward 8 neighbourhoods for the 2020 municipal and school boards' election include: Briarwood, Brighton (Holmwood Sector), College Park, East College Park, Greystone Heights, Hillcrest Management Area and Wildwood.

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  • Briarwood NTR Draft Recommendations


    For the Briarwood Neighbourhood Traffic Review, 9 draft recommendations were put forward to the public consultation event held on October 15, 2019. We had a great community discussion about the proposed recommendations, and community members shared their support for initiatives as well as suggested other opportunities through this process.

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  • Short Term Rentals Regulations

    The City of Saskatoon is reviewing its regulations for short term rentals due to changes in the industry resulting from the rise of online hosting platforms like AirBnB and VRBO.


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  • Municipal Wards Boundary Review Update


    The Saskatoon Municipal Wards Commission is seeking insight and information from citizens of Saskatoon as the Commission looks to establish new ward boundaries for the municipal/school boards' elections in fall 2020 because of population growth and shifts since the 2016 election.

    The City of Saskatoon is divided into ten wards.  The Cities Act stipulates that each ward must contain approximately the same population, with ward populations varying by no more than 10% from the average ward population (the City's total population divided by the ten wards).

    Currently, the populations of Ward 7 and Ward 10 exceed the 10% variance while the populations of Ward 5 and Ward 8 fall below the threshold.  Accordingly, the Municipal Wards Commission will establish new ward boundaries to be in effect for the city's municipal election and school boards' elections in fall 2020.  Of note, reconfiguring the ward boundaries to ensure all ten comply to the legislated population range will affect the boundaries of other wards as well in all three options.

    This means that for the 2020 municipal and school boards' election, Ward 8's boundaries WILL change. 

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