Updates tagged "Greystone"

  • Speed Limit Review Survey


    Have you heard about discussions regarding speed limits in residential neighbourhoods? Perfect, we want to hear from you!

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  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Winter Programming


    Take a peek at safe, outdoor and indoor winter programming options for this winter.

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  • Successful construction season with an ambitious list of projects now complete

    An annual $61 million budget for road rehabilitation and maintenance ensures Saskatoon’s streets, bridges and sidewalks remain safe and long-lasting. 


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  • Snow removal - In response to 2020 winter storm


    Neighbourhood snow removal gets underway ❄️❄️

    The City started removing snow from residential streets on Dec. 2 in response to the severe snow accumulation in November that left many residential streets impassable.

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  • 2020-2022 Projected Asset Preservation Plan

    The 2020-2022 Projected Asset Preservation Plan is now available. It includes the asset preservation projects projected for the next three years on our roadway and sidewalk assets, water and sewer assets, as well as our bridges and structures assets. Roadway and Sidewalk asset preservation management is a process of monitoring, maintaining, and preserving our roads and sidewalks effectively throughout their lifecycle. The goal is to employ effective decision making to optimize a cost effective mix of treatments, to maximize the number of roads and sidewalks treated to improve the networks as a whole.


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  • 8th St E Water Main Replacement


    The 8th Street East Water Main Replacement Project begins June 1, 2020 and will include the replacement of water mains, restoration of roadways and the rehabilitation of sidewalks.


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  • City Council in Brief - October Edition | 2019

  • Municipal Boundary Recommendations



    Ward 8 residents, please note that the new municipal ward boundaries (starting November 9, 2020) have been established. The changes specific to Ward 8 have Brevoort Park moving to Ward 6, and Wildwood coming from Ward 9 to Ward 8. As such, the Ward 8 neighbourhoods for the 2020 municipal and school boards' election include: Briarwood, Brighton (Holmwood Sector), College Park, East College Park, Greystone Heights, Hillcrest Management Area and Wildwood.

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  • Municipal Wards Boundary Review Update


    The Saskatoon Municipal Wards Commission is seeking insight and information from citizens of Saskatoon as the Commission looks to establish new ward boundaries for the municipal/school boards' elections in fall 2020 because of population growth and shifts since the 2016 election.

    The City of Saskatoon is divided into ten wards.  The Cities Act stipulates that each ward must contain approximately the same population, with ward populations varying by no more than 10% from the average ward population (the City's total population divided by the ten wards).

    Currently, the populations of Ward 7 and Ward 10 exceed the 10% variance while the populations of Ward 5 and Ward 8 fall below the threshold.  Accordingly, the Municipal Wards Commission will establish new ward boundaries to be in effect for the city's municipal election and school boards' elections in fall 2020.  Of note, reconfiguring the ward boundaries to ensure all ten comply to the legislated population range will affect the boundaries of other wards as well in all three options.

    This means that for the 2020 municipal and school boards' election, Ward 8's boundaries WILL change. 

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