2020/2021 Multi-Year Budget

This is the first multi-year budget for the City of Saskatoon. A great summary of all things related to the budget can be found on the City's website.

In summary, the 2020 and 2021 budget includes:

  • Greater investment in core services - parks, sidewalks, transit, roads, bridges
  • Transit service expansion into Brighton in 2021
  • Focus on Growth Plan implementation and Corridor Planning/Infill Development
  • Beginning implementation of Low Emissions Community Plan through multiple community and corporate initiatives
  • Address the growing backlog of property maintenance and nuisance complaints
  • Approved borrowing for the Saskatoon Public Library's new Central Library
  • Approved resources needed to tackle the increasing pressures of higher rates of crime/severity in Saskatoon and to keep citizens safe
  • Investments in utility-related projects, to maintain safe and reliable services
  • Beginning to meaningfully resolve the historical waste services deficit
  • Continued prioritization of investment in snow and ice management