City of Saskatoon Transit Plan Engagement Starts Now


*News Release* At its November 20, 2017 meeting, Saskatoon City Council approved the Preferred Configuration for a re-envisioned transit system based around Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The report brought forward by Administration presents recommendations for an appropriately-sized future Bus Rapid Transit system that will support the City’s anticipated growth.

This approval provides direction to HDR to move forward in developing a Functional Plan that will further refine the scale and cost of the new Bus Rapid Transit System, and anticipated changes to existing transit services. 

Starting December 1, the City of Saskatoon and HDR will launch the first round of conversations with the community regarding the Transit Plan project, to identify priorities and key factors that will need to be considered as the project moves into the next phases of design and implementation.  In addition to stakeholder meetings to identify specific functional requirements, the City and HDR have designed three distinct opportunities for the public and stakeholders to weigh in on this new system:

Online Engagement Survey | Opens: DEC 1, 2017 / Closes: DEC 15, 2017

A detailed online engagement survey will be available at  This survey is open to the public and will be sent to the City’s Citizen Advisory Panel, and to those subscribed to the Plan for Growth Newsletter updates.

Stakeholder Workshops | December 5 / 6, 2017

Stakeholders will be invited to RSVP to a number of workshops hosted by the City and HDR. Inc. designed to help understand the needs of those impacted most by the proposed changes.

Public Open House | December 6, 2017 – 5:30 – 8:00PM | La Troupe du Jour - 914 20th Street West

Join the City of Saskatoon and HDR as we share information on the Bus Rapid Transit Preferred Configuration and how these features are tailored specifically for Saskatoon.  We also want to share information on transit network principles and how the Bus Rapid Transit system will re-shape the Saskatoon Transit network.  We want to work with you to understand how these changes may affect you.

The next round of input on the Transit Plan is scheduled for January 2018.  To learn more, visit


A full version of the Saskatoon Bus Rapid Transit Preferred Configuration report is available at  Below is a summary of the key recommendations outlined in the report:

  1. Transit Signal Priority (TSP) – The preferred configuration for the Saskatoon BRT is to apply TSP at all beneficial locations.  Transit signal priority measures are considered the foundation of a BRT system. They can provide significant travel time and reliability improvements at a relatively low cost.  TSP uses existing infrastructure to determine the optimum way to limit bus delays at traffic signals.
  2. Roadway Geometric Measures – The preferred configuration for the Saskatoon BRT is to apply roadway geometric measures at select beneficial locations.  Congestion within the Saskatoon road network occurs primarily at major intersections and bridge approaches. Geometric improvements such as queue jump lanes, bus bypass lanes, and other similar measures will provide buses with a time advantage at the most critical points along the corridor.
  3. Stations – The preferred configuration for the Saskatoon BRT is to develop medium scaled stations that will accommodate 12 to 20 waiting customers in a safe, protected and well lit environment that will be seen as a positive influence on the public realm and adjacent community. Stations should have a common design theme; however, each one would be sized to accommodate the expected customer traffic at specific locations.
  4. Customer Systems – The preferred configuration for the Saskatoon BRT customer systems is to provide good destination, wayfinding, route, schedule, next bus information, and security monitoring.  Off board fare processing could be added in the future.
  5. Runningways – The preferred configuration for the Saskatoon BRT is to develop a mixed-traffic system with exclusive lanes in select short road sections along 3rd Avenue in the downtown, Broadway Avenue, and College Drive.

For more information / to sign up for project updates please visit  Learn more about engagement opportunities by visiting