Ward 8 Newsletter - February 2024


This email blast looks a little different than past newsletters.

I am excited to share that my household recently welcomed a new addition to our family. As such, I have decided to utilize a brief leave of absence to support a maternity leave. Ensuring your needs are met while I am away remains a top priority.

Please feel free to continue using the same tools to reach me, either by email or phone. My emails and phone calls will be monitored in my absence to ensure all enquiries are responded to in a timely manner. 

If you would like to connect to City Hall directly, please use the following options:

As I will be unable to provide the same level of detail in my newsletters while I am away, I wanted to ensure you still received notice ahead of City Council meetings. This newsletter is being sent automatically to provide notice that City Council is meeting on February 28, 2024. The agenda for the Regular Business Meeting and Public Hearings can be found here. All you need to do is navigate to the meeting shown in the calendar and select whether you would like to see the agenda as a PDF or HTML. This will allow you to see the items that will be debated by City Council this month. Please note that I may not be in attendance for the meeting this month.

If you would like to send a public letter directly to City Council, you can do so here. As mentioned earlier, you can also use my contact information and your enquiry will be responded to in my absence. 

Finally, check out these two additional places that are useful to keep up to date with information:

  • The City of Saskatoon Engage Page - this highlights any active engagement underway. 
  • News Releases - these highlight relevant items of interest.

I appreciate your understanding and patience during my maternity leave.