Ward 8 Newsletter - October 2023


Keep in the loop with all things Ward 8. 

It has been a busy month of community events and AGMs. If you did not have a chance to connect with your local Community Association, I invite you to check out their webpages and see the upcoming events, programs and opportunities to join the board. Here is a quick list of our Community Associations:

This month's newsletter provides ward specific updates, including notice of a public engagement opportunity for 8th Street's Corridor Plan, speed limit changes and the Province's announcement regards homelessness and mental health supports.

This month's Public Hearing has been cancelled due to lack of agenda items, but the Regular Business meeting includes discussion around vehicle noise mitigation updates and an amendment request to the Heritage Designation Bylaw for the Third Avenue United Church. You can also find community updates at the end of the newsletter.

Take care and stay warm this week. I wish everyone a happy upcoming Halloween. 



Ward 8 Updates

Corridor Land Use and Rezoning - 8th Street 

The goal of Corridor Planning is to transform major streets (corridors) across Saskatoon into places for people, by creating a framework for future development near these corridors where the future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system will be, in the “Corridor Growth Area.”

This is the first round of public sessions on land use in these five corridor plan areas. A second round will occur in January, and then the proposed land use plans will be presented to City Council for approval.

This work is part of the Housing Action Plan, endorsed in May 2023, intended to increase available housing in Saskatoon.

The 8th Street Corridor will have an open house on Thursday, November 9, 2023 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at Centre Mall (west, use door 1).

An interactive online survey is available for people who want to participate virtually or are unable to attend in person.


Visit saskatoon.ca/engage/corridor-land-use-and-rezoning for more information.

Speed Limit Changes 

The following changes are being recommended to City Council for approval:

  1. That the speed limit on McOrmond Drive between College Drive and Brighton Common be revised from 50 km/h to 60 km/h; and
  2. That the speed limit description for Zimmerman Road be updated to reflect a speed limit of 60 km/h from Highway No. 16 to a point 200 metres north of Meadows Parkway and a speed limit of 80 km/h from a point 200 metres north of Meadows Parkway to College Drive.

The recommended maximum allowable speeds for new and modified roadways are based on road classification, adjacent land use, driver behaviour and familiarity, roadway geometry, and safety concerns. If approved, speed limit signage will be installed by January 1, 2024.

A map of the proposed changes can be found here.

Provincial announcement regarding homelessness and mental health supports 

Following the October 6 provincial government announcement of its plan for homelessness and mental health supports, the City is being asked to assist provincial ministry officials locate compatible areas where smaller-sized shelters could operate.

The Province outlined several strategies to address the homelessness, mental health and addictions crisis in Saskatoon and other cities. The plan calls for more supports for mental health and addictions plus a three-pillar approach to addressing homelessness.

There is an urgent need for a greater spectrum of housing supports for members of our community. The City has been vocal to the Province to advocate for greater support, which was also recently supported by our latest Civic Services Survey where homelessness was identified as the most important issue facing our City.

As such, the City is supporting the Provinces work only through site selection. The City will assist and work with the Province to find appropriate two sites spaces for shelter beds run by other organizations. Although the final decision to proceed with a specific site ultimately rests with the Province, the City will be the lead agency for the site selection process. The City will continue to provide the usual community supports around the sites such as police and fire services. The Province continues to be fully responsible for funding for all the real estate, rental and operating costs. There will be an independent service provider to operate the shelters.

Criteria has been developed to guide site selection. Public information sessions will be conducted as part of the site selection process. 

The following webpage will be continuously updated as more information becomes available about site selection: saskatoon.ca/shelterspaces.

Material Recovery Centre Opens

The opening of the Material Recovery Centre (MRC), formerly the Recovery Park Landfill Expansion, marks a major achievement for the City of Saskatoon as it works towards its 70% waste diversion goal.

The MRC, located on Valley Road at the entrance to the Saskatoon Regional Waste Management Facility (City Landfill) is now open to the public and offers residents free drop-off for many recyclable items as well as a new access point for scaled waste.

The MRC will provide free drop-off at Sort & Go for recycling, small appliances, batteries, oil and anti-freeze, electronics, metals, rimless tires, bicycles and appliances, with a $20 fee for appliances with refrigerant.

Residents can continue to visit the MRC to drop off non-recyclable waste including garbage and elm wood, via Scale & Pay, and have a reduced disposal rate for concrete and brick, which will be diverted. The City is also pleased to offer free disposal of elm wood for the month of October.

For more information on the Material Recovery Centre, including hours of operation and a detailed list of acceptable items and rates, visit saskatoon.ca/mrc.

City Council Meetings 

Vehicle Noise Mitigation Update 

Work has been underway from the Vehicle Noise Mitigation Final Report. One recommendation was in regards to developing a potential standard for measuring vehicle noise and the ability for City of Saskatoon to add a vehicle noise limit to our bylaws.

As a result of the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) implementing a new vehicle noise policy, the City of Saskatoon is looking to update Bylaw No. 8244, The Noise Bylaw to include a noise level limit for motor vehicles and update the noise level limit for motorcycles.

To align with SGI’s vehicle noise policy, it is recommended that the Noise Bylaw be updated to add a noise level limit of 101.3 dB for motor vehicles and the noise level limit be increased to 101.3 dB for motorcycles.

This allows for greater enforcement abilities and also adds a noise restriction for motor vehicles, which previously was not in place.

Third Avenue United Church - 304 3rd Avenue North – Heritage Designation Bylaw Amendment Request 

The owners of the former Third Avenue United Church, St. Vincent of Lerins Orthodox Church, have requested an amendment to Bylaw No. 9413, the Third Avenue United Church Heritage Designation Bylaw, 2017, to allow the Casavant organ to be removed from the building. 

Municipal Heritage Property Designation and management of such municipal bylaws is governed by the Heritage Property Act, where the process for repealing or amending a bylaw is outlined in section 17(1). The Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee must be consulted on any requests to amend the Heritage Designation Bylaw before it can be voted on during a regular or special meeting of City Council.

Information about the request for removal and the response from the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee can be found here. At this month's City Council meeting, we will debate whether or not to remove the organ from the Heritage Designation Bylaw.

Additional reports of interest 

The full agendas for the regular business October meeting can be found here


Community Events


Rock your Roots Walk for Reconciliation 


What's happening in Ward 8!

Here are some other great things happening in Ward 8 soon or put on by members of our community.

  • The Salvation Army, at 38 Bateman Cres, is hosting a Halloween Trunk or Treat event from 6:00pm - 8:00pm on October 31. Find more information here.
  • New online dashboard for drinking water advisories available. Check it out at saskatoon.ca/drinkingwater.
  • City releases powerful new anti-racism video featuring Saskatchewan athletes. The video can be accessed here: Be a Bridge to Ending Racism.
  • City Compost Depots are closing for the season on Sunday, November 5.
  • The City of Saskatoon has released a new tool for homeowners to better understand their home’s energy use and make improvements. Find the tool at  Saskatoon.ca/EnergyMap.
  • Keep up to date with City engagement events by visiting saskatoon.ca/engage.

Sarina Gersher
- Ward 8 Councillor