Ward 8 Newsletter - January 2024


Keep in the loop with all things Ward 8. 

Happy New Year! 

I hope you have had a wonderful start to 2024 so far. 

To kick off the new year, every household in Ward 8 should have received a printed newsletter from me, reflecting on 2023 and looking forward to 2024. I believe as a result of this mailout we have had a few new subscribers to this monthly newsletter. Welcome!

This month we will take a look at updates for the ward, including choosing new black cart bins and an update on the first provincial emergency shelter. City Council updates include decisions related to the Downtown Event and Entertainment District and the Accessibility Parking Program. 

Before jumping into the newsletter I wanted to take a moment to reflect on two announcements made this month. Last week Mayor Clark   announced they would not be seeking re-election. I want to thank Mayor Clark for their commitment and dedication to the City of Saskatoon.  

I also want to recognize that for the 22nd consecutive year, Saskatoon was one of few municipalities to receive a ‘AAA’/Stable credit rating through S&P Global Ratings. Read more about their outlook here



Ward 8 Updates

New cart sizes for Black Cart program

With the launch of the black cart utility in 2024, the first window to request a smaller cart is now open. The interest has already been quite high with over 3,500 households requesting smaller bins.

The first cart swap request window will be open until March 1. The transition to smaller carts will take some time as the City works through exchanging the existing large black carts for smaller carts. Cart swaps will be completed April through June corresponding with collection schedules.

More information regarding the cart swap process will be made available in the coming months once the first request window closes and the swap process and schedule are finalized. If residents miss the deadline or need more time to decide, there will be another intake for cart swap requests this fall.

To learn more about the black cart program or rates, visit saskatoon.ca/blackcart

Government of Saskatchewan Emergency Shelter Update 

Following the announcement from the Government of Saskatchewan on its Provincial Approach to Homelessness in October, the City committed to assist provincial ministry officials to locate compatible areas where smaller-sized shelters could operate.

The first of two new 30-bed emergency shelter facility sites has been selected. The first site will be the former Fire Station #5 Located at 421 Central Avenue, which is anticipated to open as a temporary 30-bed emergency shelter in Spring 2024. Once further investments have been made into the facility by the Government of Saskatchewan, it is expected that the site will be in operation as an emergency shelter for the medium to long term.

Next steps involve neighbourhood information meetings with representatives from the City, Government of Saskatchewan and its service provider, The Mustard Seed, that residents and business owners located near the former station will be invited to attend.

Information will continue to be updated at saskatoon.ca/shelterspaces.

City Council Meetings 

Downtown Event and Entertainment District – Private Partner Procurement Approach

The City is seeking a potential private partner to provide operations management and contribute funding to the development of the new event centre/arena and/or new or expanded convention centre.

Criteria for this Request for Proposal (RFP) has been prepared by Administration and will seek Council approval this month. The evaluation criteria includes:

  • Partnership Approach (30%) - which focuses on the community benefits of the project, employment considerations and proposed operations management contract(s).
  • Operator Services (10%) - respondent's planned approach to work with the City to develop their operational plan. 
  • Projected Venue Performance (15%) - a 10-year projected performance of the venue(s).
  • Financial Capability, Proposed Capital Contributions (40%) - the respondent's proposed capital contribution to the venue(s).
  • Contractual Agreements/Other Information (5%) - can include sample contracts or agreements or any other relevant information needed for the evaluation.

This criteria will be used to determine whether an appropriate private partner exists and which respondent would be the preferred proponent. Due to the nature of this RFP, this will come back to City Council for final approval before awarding a successful proponent. Currently, the results of the procurement process are expected to be reported back in April 2024.

Downtown Event and Entertainment District - Navigating the Path Forward Beyond the Preliminary Funding Strategy

The City is planning for the development of a Downtown Event and Entertainment District. The proposed district includes the construction of several new and/or renovated public amenities and tourism infrastructure projects, such as an event centre/arena and convention centre, subject to an approved funding plan.

This report provides an update on all the decisions that will need to be made for the District. An updated timeline for public reporting is also presented in this report. The full report can be found here, but a summary is as follows:

  •  February 2024:
    • Conceptual Design (Information Report)
    • Convention Centre Options (Decision Report)
    • District Plan Update
  • April 2024:
    • Budget estimate and preliminary funding strategy

Accessible Parking Review

A review of the City's Accessible Parking Program has been underway. Changes are being proposed in the following areas:

  • Developing on-street accessible parking standards;
  • Enhanced communication of the program;
  • Program fee;
  • Time restrictions; and
  • Automation. 

The full report is available here

Additional reports of interest 

The full agendas for the regular business January meeting can be found here: Regular Business and Public Hearing.


What's happening in Ward 8!

Here are some other great things happening in Ward 8 soon or put on by members of our community.

  • The City is looking to develop a bylaw for the maintenance of overgrown vegetation in back lanes. A survey is running until January 31, 2024. 
  • The City is developing a Housing Strategy. A Community Survey is open until January 31, 2024.
  • Free Winter Play Program is running on February 3 and 10. Find more information here.
  • Vacancies exist on a few City of Saskatoon Boards & Committees. Apply here before February 1, 2024. 
  • The City’s 30-Day Assessment Review & Appeal period closes February 5, 2024. Visit saskatoon.ca/assessment for more assessment information.
  • Keep up to date with City engagement events by visiting saskatoon.ca/engage.

Sarina Gersher
- Ward 8 Councillor